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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


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Safflower Industrial Group has entered the field of cellulose industry since 2001 by producing paper napkins under the brand name of Softlen. Quality in the country and the region.

Marinasan Cellulose Industries Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in the field of production of cellulose products in January 2007 and passed its research-study phase and supply of machinery until June 2008. In the first phase, the production lines of paper towels, towels, toilet paper and sanitary napkins in February 2009 in Saveh; And in the second phase, the production line of complete baby diapers was installed in 2010 in Eshtehard city.

This period is considered a great change in the country's cellulose industry because this large production unit with the scientific, administrative and executive team of the expert and also using the potential of the large safflower industrial group and the valuable experience of Dr. Fazli succeeded in offering quality products, completely diverse. Hygienic, without manual intervention and became completely self-employed.

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